Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Step ~ Sunday Reflections

Seems like Sunday is the day I tend to review the past week as the work week approaches. Funny how we still have the same dread of Monday coming regardless of whether it is school, work or even the thought of the unexpected which makes us gulp back fear. Fear is an interesting thing to examine if we allow ourselves get past the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it.

Fear does not have to dictate our actions. According to Neal Donald Walsh who penned the cult classic, "Conversations with God", human beings are created in God's image as it says in the bible. Meaning we can manifest anything we desire. Both positive and negative manifestations are possible. If you allow your mind to open and remember instances in your own life where this is true, it will be a powerful moment.

You'll realize it is within your own power to effect what ever change, event or even material object you want. You may also realize that with that power comes an awareness that one could manifest negative influences your life as well. Maybe instances of these occurrences are evident if you one meditates on how things "happen to you".

I've found this to be true in my own life. There came a point of realization. Of self-realization, if you will. I understood the mind and heart to be separate but equally important aspects of my existence. When one make the determination that the heart or soul if you will, is in fact leading the mind, many things change. The biggest change is perspective. Now instead of asking why, you'll find yourself asking why not?

I know each moment in my life where the choice was made to move forward, good things came to be. So imagine your best case scenario next time you're pondering the future. Allow yourself to visualize the ideal moment. If your focus is on the process you will be surprised how immediate the results come.