Monday, August 30, 2010

Peachie Pastry

Two weeks ago I met Lilly Boone and Jessica Alexander of Peachie Pastry at my friend Megan Summerville's launch party for her Pop-Up Store near Moonshine. I recall it being particularly warm and sultry outside. Johnny, the bartender in the back garden was good naturedly dealing with the heat while taking care of guests. Inside the building where Megan's shop is located for at least another month was an eight-foot table covered with some delicious looking desserts created by Jessica who baked for a locally, successful Austin food-business before joining Ms. Boone in this current venture.

Lily Boone is an ex-sous chef who left that profession and worked in the world of architectural drafting for nine years before being laid-off recently. The timing was perfect as the long time friends talked about their desire to enter the food business together. Lily's father was an owner of a venerable Austin restaurant called the The Raw Deal which you can read about in the September 1997 issue of Texas Monthly. Lily feels this new venture is sort of like getting back to her roots and she's happy about it.

The pair work well together because, as Lily stated, "We're close enough friends to be open and honest together. Jessica and I are very comfortable being right up front with each other." They also compliment each other business-wise. Lily is outgoing and forward in public which serves her well in her role of developing a sales strategy for Peachie Pastry and executing it. Jessica is, "great at coming up with the wonderful, magical recipes she does...This opportunity has given her the chance to explore new recipe ideas and is less...limiting than working for a restaurant," said Ms Boone.

Lily bragged to me about Jessica's Ancho-chile, Dark Chocolate cupcakes, "that are more like mini cakes" that apparently have an orgasmic quality to them. That's placing the bar high, but believable after trying some of Peachie Pastry's delicacies at Megan's party. I can confirm as the event winded down, there were not many desserts left to try. I enjoyed the assorted tartlets that were on the dessert table. I found myself wandering back over there fairly often as the party progressed.

My share of desserts were eaten, that's for sure (they taste great with tea/vodka cocktails as well). This naturally led me to suggest Lily and Jessica participate in the Examiner Happy Hour I planned for Tuesday, August 31st (tomorrow). They were enthusiastic about being a part of the Examiner event (and meeting some local Austin writers). Considering their desserts pair well with cocktails, the idea practically presented itself.

Below is Peachie Pastry's Facebook information page which contains more details about the company. They currently take orders via phone or email here. Katherine Kemp (Examiner's local sales representative) and I thrilled Lily and Jessica have become the August sponsor for Examiner Happy Hour. If you decide attend, my intuition says you'll soon find yourself ordering more tartlets after trying some at Opal Divine's Penn Field. Hope to see y'all there.

August 1, 2010

Detailed Info

Company Overview:
Peachie Pastry is the vision of Jessica Alexander and Lily Boone...two different women with two different talents. Jessica is the woman with the magic touch. Her baking skills are above and beyond amazing! Her desserts are creative, delicate and rich all at the same time...truly inspiring to the other half, Lily. Lily Boone is the woman with the desire to fill whatever your need is, whether you have 50 people to serve or 800. She will do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone leaves your event totally blown away and overjoyed!
We are available to service all your dessert needs. If you want something specail for an event, party, or buisness reception, we will be there!
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To create divinely delicious and beautiful pastries from scratch using only high quality, fresh ingredients.
A variety of elegant individual sized desserts such as tartlets, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes and dessert bars

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Austin heavy metal band, The Sword performed Monday at Waterloo Records parking lot in downtown Austin. The show was produced to launch their new album, Warp Riders released yesterday. The album was available Monday evening only at Waterloo Records. Fans lined up after the show to have their purchases signed by the band.

Here's what the Waterloo site had to say prior to the show:

"THE SWORD is a colossal, high-energy powerhouse. Utilizing a potent combination of intense songwriting chemistry, eye-opening creativity and talent and a distinctly unique vision, THE SWORD is, without question, one of heavy music’s most electrifying new bands. The Sword’s legacy in the metal world has been rapidly growing since they formed. Their recent stints opening for legends such as Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motorhead have helped them garner praise from fans both young and old. Now on the heels of releasing of “Tres Brujas,” the first single from their forthcoming new album, The Sword have set their sights on their next move, a headlining world tour in support of Warp Riders."

The new album, Warp Riders represents a change of direction for the band. It's a concept album that perhaps indicates a maturing of the creative process for a band who's style has been described as " Stoner Metal" or "Doom Metal". The Sword toured Europe in 2008 in support of Metallica. As far as Examiner is concerned, they are a welcome change from the usual indie-rock flooding 6th Street. More like a blast from the past. Or a face melt.

We've included a few pictures and a short video below. Connect with Greg Ackerman ~ Austin Concerts Examiner on Facebook, Twitter and more here.

Here's Ian Greenleigh of Bazaarvoice after enjoying the performance:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Soldier Thread "In Spades" album release - The Parish, Austin , TX (Batch #1)