Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Turn an Ugly Monday into a Beautiful Thing

This past Monday I awoke to some incredibly upsetting news. My good friend, Nanette had just completed a procedure to biopsy a lump in her breast. Immediately I had a lump in my throat. My eyes stung. I was shocked. Unbelieving actually. How this happens to the one person I know in Austin who epitomizes best for me, what it means to live in Austin I have no idea.

Living in Austin, Texas means many things. Nanette and others over the past ten years have reached out to me in friendship. It's the main reason Austin is the amazing place it is. The people. They're gregarious, friendly, caring, courteous, generous, intelligent, respectful and loving. They're my neighbors, coworkers, friends, shop keepers, grocery store clerks. They're people just like me who searched for Austin exhaustively until we found our home.

So naturally when one of the best examples of a human being I have the honor to know posts on her blog about how she's going to kick cancer in the ass, all I can do is stare in awe. If it'd been me diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, there'd be all kinds of denial, anger and depression (most likely). Then after I'd taken a figurative psychic dump, MAYBE I could begin to function normally.

I was at Galaxy Cafe on Tuesday for a Co-working Jelly. I'd just arrived and Nanette came in at the same time. It was a relief to see her as she always appears, in a hip-chic outfit (That day it was a dress). She was so poised and relaxed on the exterior. I knew inside her mind was churning. There were a thousand questions to answer. How long will this treatment phase last? How were her children? Was everyone being nice because she told them she'd gotten ill? What were the test results going to reveal?

In the end, Nanette decided she couldn't sit at home and WAIT passively. That's just not her style. For example, her friends in Austin encouraged her to use social media to boost her real estate business. In a short time she's demonstrated publicly via SM why she's been successful in the industry thus far. Her blog is one I read regularly. The posts are often insightful, pointing out beautiful elements of Austin or life I may have missed.

Nanette is a long-time volunteer at SxSW, organizes the music for the Austin Marathon and generally makes herself of service to the local music community. Her business name, Rocknrealty describes Nan to a T.

There's no way Nanette's going to let something like this slow her down. If you read her post, you know the attitude she's taken towards the challenge presented is one to admire. It is graceful as well. In today's world, we could all use more grace.

I ask of you, reader, only one thing. That when you have a quiet minute during this long holiday weekend, that you think of my friend, Nanette and others battling cancer. Say a prayer for her. She deserves our love and support.

UPDATE: Nanette is having surgery this week. For some reason, she was on my mind more than usual last week while I was wrapping up a business trip in Las Vegas. I believe it was because she was dealing with this new reality as she has from the start, with her characteristic grace and wit.

I'll be praying for the best possible outcome as I have since learning of Nan's diagnosis. Join me friends. Namaste.