Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Austin heavy metal band, The Sword performed Monday at Waterloo Records parking lot in downtown Austin. The show was produced to launch their new album, Warp Riders released yesterday. The album was available Monday evening only at Waterloo Records. Fans lined up after the show to have their purchases signed by the band.

Here's what the Waterloo site had to say prior to the show:

"THE SWORD is a colossal, high-energy powerhouse. Utilizing a potent combination of intense songwriting chemistry, eye-opening creativity and talent and a distinctly unique vision, THE SWORD is, without question, one of heavy music’s most electrifying new bands. The Sword’s legacy in the metal world has been rapidly growing since they formed. Their recent stints opening for legends such as Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Motorhead have helped them garner praise from fans both young and old. Now on the heels of releasing of “Tres Brujas,” the first single from their forthcoming new album, The Sword have set their sights on their next move, a headlining world tour in support of Warp Riders."

The new album, Warp Riders represents a change of direction for the band. It's a concept album that perhaps indicates a maturing of the creative process for a band who's style has been described as " Stoner Metal" or "Doom Metal". The Sword toured Europe in 2008 in support of Metallica. As far as Examiner is concerned, they are a welcome change from the usual indie-rock flooding 6th Street. More like a blast from the past. Or a face melt.

We've included a few pictures and a short video below. Connect with Greg Ackerman ~ Austin Concerts Examiner on Facebook, Twitter and more here.

Here's Ian Greenleigh of Bazaarvoice after enjoying the performance: