Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keepstream Tells the Story of Quiet Company's first Twitter Show

Saturday night, local power pop band, Quiet Company headlined their first ever Twitter show with Love at 20 (FREE download their new EP here) warming up the crowd of Austin Twitter users at the ND at 501 Studios. The ND's giant video screen to the right of the stage featured all tweets labeled with the hash tag, #QCatND. Besides the great music, the tweets got bawdy as Quiet Company, fans, and media bantered in 140 character bursts throughout the evening.

I decided to let the tweets tell the story using my favorite web content curation tool, Keepstream. Check out the collection below.

Here is a description of Keepstream tool from the company's blog:

"Keepstream gathers all your favorite content in one place – such as when you “Like” something on Facebook or YouTube, retweet something on Twitter, or just bookmark interesting links from the web! By using Keepstream, you can easily collect the best of the Internet and organize it by topics and events. Then most importantly, you can share your content collections any way you’d like – including the ability to embed them into a blog or website. Now it’s easier than ever to demonstrate your expertise on a subject, increase the engagement of your website audience, or simply discover and discuss the most interesting content.

Beyond just general use, Keepstream is particularly useful for bloggers, journalists, and content publishers. Pretty much anyone who creates online articles needs to engage their readers beyond just words. That means integrating video, photos, and social media – all sorts of relevant social content. A lot of content already exists out there that your audience is interested in! Keepstream helps you cull selections of the best content, and serve them to your readers. Essentially, we let you reuse the content that other people have created and make it a part of that article or webpage. This is interactive and social, it saves a ton of time, and this drives new readership and more active readers."