Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why BTM Wants to Help You Cost-Effectively Use Digital

Why We Want to Help You Cost-Effectively Use Digital:

We already spent time and money testing various platforms for you.

Three years of research and use of various SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms has led us to our current software that allows us to pass on the most significant savings in the industry for going digital as well as an interactive reading interface that REQUIRES NO APP!!

Any publication we convert can be read on your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, Smart phone, Kindle or any other device with a web browser, without installing additional software.

Mobile devices can still read PDFs, but they can be clunky, large files that take time to download and do not contain rich media or add additional REVENUE GENERATING options for your media buyers. We can help devise a strategy that fits your market best and connect you to local consumers. Our platform has the ability to interact with and share content or track page views, links clicked or customer geo-locations.

Let us convert your print literature into interactive digital publications that allow viewers with different devices, such as the Apple iPad/iPhone/iTouch or Google Android enabled smart-phones, to access your content without installing additional software. NO APP TO DOWNLOAD. It’s a mobile-browser flexible interface.

We convert magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, maps, event guides/programs or any PDF into an interactive e-reading experience with ALL the following included:

  • customized branding with your company colors, logo and/or background within the e-reader
  • unlimited hyperlinks with customized rollover messaging
  • video/slideshows
  • coupon clipping and basket or coupons can be shown on a mobile device for the discount
  • download the PDF
  • share by email, social media or online forum such as Digg, Reddit and more
  • one-time fee option to brand the URL to your company/publication or free URL masking (URL masking not iPad supported)
  • subscriber link for free and paid publications
  • password-protection for your paid subscribers ABC supports digital editions/new rules posted May 2010
  • defined number of pages can be previewed before subscription window pops up
  • lead generation option to collect email before accessing content
  • widgets (real-time Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds)
  • archive within e-reading interface
  • table of contents links within the publication and the e-reading interface
  • content links list
  • advertiser list
  • tabs and bookmarks
  • posted on Austin Texas Digital Newsstand
  • search
  • crop and save tool
  • print
  • toggle full screen easily
  • help guide
  • two ways to preview all pages with thumbnails
  • easily embed cover and link on your website and/or email campaigns
  • easily embed a mini flipbook linking to your digital edition (example on this page - flash only)
  • Login to see your TRACKING – View and export reports for real-time statistics within a specified date range that include your mobile readers covering page views, average time spent on each page, which pages bookmarked, shared or emailed, and number of times downloaded or printed. These statistics are available by page level and issue level. You can track link click-throughs for your advertisers and content as well as track what content is being zoomed in upon using a powerful Zoom Point Overlay tool. You will know what content is most important to your readers!
  • Google analytics are included in addition to the above tracking

Our software is constantly evolving to improve the quality and effectiveness of digital publishing for both the audience and the advertiser.

Call Leslie or Greg (or email us) today for your free demo!
Leslie: 512-853-9558 or 512-557-9641
Greg: 512-434-9975